Advantage and uses of coiled cables for custom keyboards

In the sphere of custom mechanical keyboard enthusiasts, attention to detail isn't limited to keycaps and switches. Coiled cables, inspired by the famous GMK keycap sets, offer an aesthetic and functional alternative to traditional cables. In this article, we'll walk through the benefits and uses of coiled cables, as well as tips for choosing the perfect cable for your setup.

Definition of spiral cables

Spiral cables, also known as coiled cable, are flexible cables that feature a coiled structure along their length. Inspired by retro cables from the 80s, these cables have become popular among mechanical keyboard enthusiasts for their unique aesthetics and enhanced functionality.

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Advantages over traditional cables

Spiral cables offer several advantages over traditional cables.

Personalized aesthetic

With a very wide choice of colors including more than 70 paracord colors, more than 20 cerakoted GX16 connectors and more than 21 Techflex colors, coiled cables allow extensive customization of your setup.

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Flexibility and durability

Thanks to their coiled structure, spiral cables are more flexible than straight cables, making them easier to handle and reducing the risk of tangling or premature wear.

Improved cable management

Coiled cables can be stretched to extra length when needed and then retracted when not in use. This allows for more efficient cable management and a cleaner desktop.

Uses in the electronics industry

Aside from their popularity among mechanical keyboard enthusiasts, coiled cables are also widely used in the electronics industry for various applications, including:

  • data and power connections for industrial equipment and medical devices;
  • internal wiring of computers and electronic devices for improved cable organization and management.

Tips for choosing a coiled cable

When choosing a coiled cable for your custom keyboard, it is essential to consider several factors.

Connector compatibility (USB-C, Micro USB, etc.)

When choosing a coiled cable for your custom keyboard, connector compatibility is an important aspect to consider. Modern keyboards can be equipped with different types of connectors, such as USB-C, Micro USB, Mini USB, or even proprietary connectors depending on the manufacturer. It is therefore essential to select a coiled cable with the correct connector for your keyboard to ensure a reliable and stable connection.

USB-C has become increasingly popular due to its versatility and reversibility, providing fast and efficient connectivity. However, some older or specific keyboards may still use Micro USB or Mini USB connectors. So be sure to check your keyboard specifications before purchasing a coiled cable to ensure perfect compatibility.

Length and tension of coiled cable

Another important aspect to consider when choosing a coiled cable is its length and tension. The length of the cable determines the distance between your keyboard and your computer or device, and it's important to choose a length that suits your desktop setup. Too short, the cable can restrict your movements, while a cable that is too long can create clutter and compromise the aesthetics of your setup.

Coiled cable tension refers to its ability to retract and stretch. Proper tension ensures the cable stays secure when in use, while allowing easy extension when necessary. It is recommended to choose a cable with sufficient tension to meet your specific needs while still providing optimal flexibility.

The colour

Finally, the color of the coiled cable is an aesthetic aspect to take into consideration. Ideally, you'll want to choose a color that complements or matches the colors of your keycaps, mouse pad, and mouse to create a harmonious, cohesive aesthetic for your setup.

With a choice of over 70 paracord colors, over 20 cerakoted GX16 connectors, and over 21 Techflex colors, you have a variety of options to customize your coiled cable to your color preferences. By harmonizing the colors of your cable with the rest of your setup, you can create a pleasant and professional visual ambiance that will highlight your passion for custom mechanical keyboards.


In summary, coiled cables provide customized aesthetics, increased flexibility, and improved cable management for mechanical keyboard enthusiasts and electronics industry professionals. By choosing your coiled cable carefully, you can not only improve the appearance of your setup, but also optimize its functionality and durability.